Handicraft Training for Women’s Economic Empowerment

Handicraft Training for Women’s Economic Empowerment

No matter how much we cry and fight for women’s rights and equality, we all know that women can never be empowered unless they are educated and financially independent. In a developing country like Nepal, where between 30-40% people live below the poverty line, women’s lives have largely been centered on their traditional roles —taking care of family and household chores. Only 44.5% of women are literate, which is about half of that of male, and generally women are paid less than men. By contrast, women continue to earn the largest proportion of degrees at all levels and the condition of Nepalese women is improving slowly yet steadily. And, if equal educational and employment opportunities are provided, women can enrich their economic and social status.

With the purpose of providing employment opportunities for women and making them financially independent, Third World Craft has been operating  an online handicraft marketplace www.thirdworldcraft.com  .We are a small team of Nepalese handicraft exporters, believer in fair trade, who provide marketable vocational skill training and work opportunities to women from all walks of life specially for those who have less opportunity to work in formal sector. We also offer them a platform to popularize and retail their craft products. Our beneficiary producers are mainly housewives who are busy taking care of their family and household chores and have few hours of free time in a day. They may not have completed their education and may perhaps lack necessary skill, training and experience required for jobs in formal sector.

By learning handicraft skills and trainings, not only these women will be capable of carrying out handicraft work in professional manner but can ensure good income and enrich their economic and social sustainability. Best of all, they do not need to bind themselves with strict office hours; they can work from the comfort of their home, while taking care of their family and children.  Hundreds of economically disadvantaged women have benefited from our handicraft training and marketing programs.  Interested women group can write to us at thirdworldcraft@gmail.com  

One of our major production component is the making of glass bead rollover bracelets, necklace and accessories. These are produced in a several groups scattered around suburb of Kathmandu valley by women immigrants from village. This production works helps over 100 women to be engaged daily using their free time in to cash earning opportunity. The business model is simple, TWC procure raw materials and provides to the group and women finishes the products and resell to TWC. So in long run it helps women to become independent entrepreneur free to do business on their own.

You may buy for personal use or for reselling visit the site  http://thirdworldcraft.com for detail.

Glass Bead Bracelets
Glass bead bracelets


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