Business Networks Partner with OpenEntry to Build Trusted Marketplaces

Even if you build a beautiful store, buyers will have trouble finding it, and even if they do, they won't trust it. Visibility, credibility, and trust, more than technical considerations are the main obstacles to the e-commerce success of most businesses.

OpenEntry makes it easy for any business network (chamber of commerce, export promotion organization, industry association, trade show) to aggregate the stores of its members into a "marketplaces" leveraging its high profile to generate visibility and credibility. Buyers are reassured by being able to appeal unsatisfactory supplier performance to the higher authority of the business network keen to protect the integrity of its brand.

A business network can charge its members whatever it chooses for participating in the marketplace as well as collect a 20% commission for all the services its members purchase from OpenEntry (such as premium account, custom template, priority placement on marketpalces, etc). The basic free marketplace has Google Adwords and a 10 member limit. Premium $3000/year accounts have unlimited members, no Google Adwords, and a referral system tracking the origin of orders in order to pay commissions.

Upon accepting the business network's online application, OpenEntry will create a free marketplace with 10 products from each of its members that already have a suitable web store. For this purpose, OpenEntry has developed an interface that makes it easy to drag-and-drop a few fields of information from the vendor's store to a Google spreadsheet. This interface enables the marketplace to display the products with related information and link to the relevant product page on the vendor's website. OpenEntry will instruct these members to continue adding products to their interface.

For those members that don't have one OpenEntry will provide a free basic 10 product store that they can later enhance and expand to 100 products using its free store generator (or more items with a $100/year premium store). The business network can add their members' stores and interfaces to its marketplace if when they have paid the participation fee.

Furthermore, a partnership with the World Chambers Network of the International Chamber of Commerce enables the exporters of any of their 12,000 member chambers with an OpenEntry marketplace to participate in their global marketplace for free. WCN offers premium placement on this marketplace for those exporters that acquire their prestigious Chamber Trust Seal.


This a low investment, low risk way for a business network to provide e-commerce services to its members - the smallest will be grateful for help in getting their offerings on-line while the most sophisticated (that already have their own web stores) will appreciate being able to participate in marketplaces and other promotional measures generating visibility and trust with qualified buyers.


If you're interested in implementing an OpenEntry marketplace, contact OpenEntry User Support Manager, Surendra Shahi (