Example OpenEntry Marketplaces

OpenEntry Marketplace Features


Entirely free!


Unlimited stores can be added


Collect fees from participating members


Possibility of collecting commissions over sales


Customizable design


Non-Openentry stores can also participate


How can you Participate?

Business Network Creates a Marketplace

Any business network can create a totally free OpenEntry marketplace with free stores for its Members. However, the products on Premium stores will get priority placement on all category listings and search results. OpenEntry is also willing to co-manage the Marketplace for a split in the revenue.

Your Store Can Join Marketplaces

Any store can request to participate in any OpenEntry Marketplace and the Operator can determine conditions and grant permission. Any store can participate in multiple marketplaces simultaneously. An "Interface" maps the product pages of non-OpenEntry stores to the format of a Marketplace in order to participate.


"relevance and complementarity at promoting quality crafts from developing countries...without intermediaries"

"combined annual revenue of USCIB's 300+ members exceeds $3.5 trillion....endorse your vision of making OpenEntry broadly available through our overseas business networks and partners"

Partnership to provide stores to their 370 member organizations in 70 countries and regional and global marketplaces.

"members represent 90% of the world IT market" - Global IT Excellence Award for Digital Opportunity


"deserving of support for bringing the promises of advanced ICT capabilities to all citizens of the world"

MOU to collaborate via 1.3 million member telecentres worldwide

Documented OpenEntry responsible for 4000 jobs for artisan women and young IT professionals in Nepal

Partnership for a Global Marketplace and to promote OpenEntry via the 14,000 member chambers representing 40 million businesses worldwide.

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