Entrepreneurs Earn Income by Promoting OpenEntry

Any entrepreneur anywhere can become an OpenEntry Promoter and receive a credit of 25% of the value of paid services purchased from OpenEntry by store owners that they help register. Simply register to receive your Promoter ID. Then encourage potential users to sign up for their free store from a link (on all your emails, websites, blog posts, and even printed materials) structured like "http://store.openentry.com/createstore?proid=abc". OpenEntry will keep track of your credits and when they total $200, you can Register a $200 Premium store for your client locally and collect the payment directly in cash.

In addition, many business owners you sign up will be too busy or don't have enough computer skills to build a store on their own and therefore need help especially from somebody who can come to their location and speaks their language. Any computer literate entrepreneur can learn to create a store in a few hours by following the instructions at www.openentry.com. Then you can launch your e-commerce service provider business with these steps:

  1. Register as an OpenEntry Promoter
  2. Setup your own store offering your e-commerce services and demonstrating your skill (see example from Haiti)
  3. Contact potential clients by phone, email, or preferably personal visits. Trade shows, marketplaces, malls, and conferences are convenient to approach many businesses in one place. Even if they don't contract you to build their stores, be sure they register with your Promoter ID.
  4. Explain that OpenEntry store are free but complicated for a beginner. You have the experience to build them a beautiful one for $100 - $200.
  5. Offer to setup a small sample store for free. Take digital images of the client and 5 - 10 products (can be done with a phone). Then with 15 minutes on a computer, create a very basic store with your Promoter ID.
  6. Show them the sample store and, if they agree to a full one, coach them to upload all their product images and information to a free Picasa account that comes with Gmail (if they don't know how to do this you can help for a fee).
  7. From there, completing a client's full store takes only a couple of hours.
  8. After they pay you, transfer the account to them and show them how to change the password.
  9. You can also offer additional services including the following:
    • Store maintenance ($100/year)
    • Training on updating a store ($3-20/hour)
    • Digital photography ($1-5 per image)
    • Custom banner and/or template design ($20-300)

This venture can be launched with very little investment by an established web company, chamber of commerce, computer school, university, telecenter, or even a young individual. Basic stores can even be built with a smart phone on WiFi and touched up later with 10 minutes on a computer. OpenEntry will soon release an App for Windows and Android that will facilitate offline preparation of the product images and corresponding information (code, name, price, description, key words - 90% of the work of building a store).

You can also approach business networks (such as chambers of commerce, trade promotion organizations, and industry associations) to offer to build them a branded "marketplace" comprised of the stores of all their (usually hundreds) of members. The members will pay you and/or the business network for participating in the marketplace.

You can earn thousands of dollars per month from providing the latest cloud computing, award winning e-commerce services to local businesses. As proof of this concept, a United Nations Development Program evaluation in Nepal concluded that, besides generating 3918 jobs for artisan women,

"A relatively inexperienced group of young IT professionals could, with the proper tools, create employment for themselves while providing eCommerce services to local SMEs."