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Narendra Shahi

Narendra Shahi runs a craft exporting business and retail shop in Nepal. Eager to expand his business to buyers outside Nepal, he realized he needed an online presence. Rather than give up a portion of his sales to a third party, he chose as a platform and created his store He found it easy because the OpenEntry platform is all based on Google tools like Picasa.  Read More


Pam Pascual

Pamela Pascual is a Filipina living in San Francisco, California. She has relatives all over the Philippines that are urging her to help them promote the sale in the US of a range of Filipino products. So Pamela and her family are helping a selected number of small scale Filipino exporters that they know and trust to build their OpenEntry stores. She is aggregating them into the now preliminary marketplace  Read More


Cesar Guevara

Cesar Guevara is a young, web-savvy entrepreneur in Lima, Peru. He earns income by charging local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) $155 each to build their OpenEntry stores ( His clients find it easy to update their stores because instructions are in 57 languages, including Spanish. Cesar also earns a 25% commission from any services (such as Premium accounts) that his clients purchase from OpenEntry.  Read More



The World Fair Trade Organization has 170 groups representing 400,000 grassroots artisans in poor countries all over the world. Currently the producer groups sell to a long chain of middlemen that only pay them about 12% of the final price. But even though most of the groups have OpenEntry online stores, buyers still have trouble finding them, much less trusting them.  Read More