Video on building an OpenEntry Store in 3 minutes


OpenEntry Sample stores from thousands built in 45 countries

OpenEntry Store Features

Free Forever store for up to 30 products

Credit card payment with PayPal and 2CheckOut

No-payment shopping cart for wholesale, COD, Western Union or BitCoin

Search Engine Optimization standard with capability for further enhancement

$200/year Premium account, 1000 items, no Google Ads, priority market placement

Buyer registration for password protection of wholesale prices

Instructions in 57 languages and stores in 20

Full suite of analytics

Imbedded Skype

Stores can be built and managed with a smartphone

Stores can join OpenEntry Marketplaces to gain more visibility and trust

Templates have responsive design to display stores on desktops, tablets, and phones

Sanju Shahi exported $100,000 of Nepalese Crafts in 2014 with her OpenEntry store

OpenEntry Marketplaces

Any Business Network (chamber of commerce, industry association, trade group) can earn revenue while helping their members by aggregating their stores into powerful retail or wholesale marketplaces generating the necessary visibility and trust.

OpenEntry Experts

Join a global network of OpenEntry Experts earning income by helping local businesses setup their stores and then providing additional e-commerce services such as banner/template design, digital photography and search engine optimization.

OpenEntry Expert, Cesar Guevara, earned $2500 in two months part-time building web stores in Peru


"relevance and complementarity at promoting quality crafts from developing countries...without intermediaries"

"combined annual revenue of USCIB's 300+ members exceeds $3.5 trillion....endorse your vision of making OpenEntry broadly available through our overseas business networks and partners"

Partnership to provide stores to their 370 member organizations in 70 countries and regional and global marketplaces.

"members represent 90% of the world IT market" - Global IT Excellence Award for Digital Opportunity

"deserving of support for bringing the promises of advanced ICT capabilities to all citizens of the world"

MOU to collaborate via 1.3 million member telecentres worldwide

Documented OpenEntry responsible for 4000 jobs for artisan women and young IT professionals in Nepal

Partnership for a Global Marketplace and to promote OpenEntry via the 14,000 member chambers representing 40 million businesses worldwide.